Bulk SMS for Education

Updating Events
​Holiday Messages
Attendance Report to Parents
Due Fees Alerts
Announcements of Exam Results
Promotion for Admission
Bulk SMS Services for Education | Bulk SMS Service provider for Education | Best Bulk SMS Services for Education

In the present era, a good communication channel plays a key role in running a school or college. The communication requirements in the Education field are totally different compared to other business communication requirements. Compared to other Communicational channels Bulk SMS plays a major role in the Education Industry. Bulk SMS Services for Education is the most effective and cheap communication tool to provide a direct link for communication between the Teachers, Parents and their Educational Institute.

Now-a-days, be it a School, or a college or a university and not to miss even Primary and pre-schools have started using Bulk SMS Services to convey their messages and alerts to the parents. We Smsconnect offer the best Bulk SMS Service that caters all the needs of the Educational Institutions. Our Bulk SMS Services for Education helps the educational institutions to send important information’s such as Exam & Test Schedules, Parent Teacher Meeting Invites, Fee Payment reminders, Attendance notifications etc.

Benefits of Using Bulk SMS Services for Educations:

  • For Sending Attendance Notifications, Payment Reminders, Birthday wishes, etc using Transactional Bulk SMS Route.
  • For Attracting the right students for your School & colleges to make the most of the admission season by Promotional Bulk SMS Route.
  • For Sending invites to the parents for the parents teachers meeting using Transactional Bulk SMS Route.
  • For Sending notifications about Exam and Test Dates, Exam Schedules and time table using the Transactional Bulk SMS Route.

So without further delay, reaches today and start utilizing the tailor made Bulk SMS Services for the schools, colleges and universities.

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Bulk SMS Advantages for Education Industry

Bulk SMS Provider for Schools and Colleges
Direct Connectivity
24x7 Support
No Setup Cost
Ease to Use
Advance Features
Highly Secure
Restful API
Unlimited Validity

Bulk SMS Features for Schools & Colleges

  • Reaching each parents with customized messages.
  • School circulars & Special announcements.
  • Inform Attendance daily reports of the students.
  • Fee overdue inform to parents.
  • Student Exam & results.
  • Notification to Homework’s for students.
  • SMS delivery on DND registered numbers.
  • No time restriction for sending SMS.
  • Unlimited Validity of SMS.
  • 24X7 Support.
  • Bulk SMS High Priority Route.
  • 100% Delivery on Active Numbers
  • Multiple interfaces like Use to HTTP, SMPP, SMTP and web to send
  • Tier:1 Best in Class SMS Carrier Connectivity
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