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Bulk SMS Services for Government & Public Utilities | Bulk SMS Service provider for Government & Public | Best Bulk SMS Services for Government & Public

Being the second most densely populated country, India is the largest democratic country in the world. With so much languages, religions, and cultures India is truly a land of cultural unity. For a Government, developing & handling such a large culturally diverse nation and its people is a tedious task. To be in touch with its citizens and too communicated government related schemes and policies to its entire citizens, a marketing channel that is simple as well as most powerful and efficient to reach the masses is required. That is where Bulk SMS services comes as the most effective communication tool for government as well as the marketing tool for the public sector companies and services.

With the help of SMS Connect Bulk SMS Services for Government and Public Utilities, you can reach a large amount of masses within just a fraction of seconds. Bulk SMS Services for Government and Public Utilities is one of the most effective tools that helps you in better administration and communicate important information to lakhs of contacts in a single click. By this way you can easily establish a good relationship with your citizens and inform them vital information’s like about Government Welfare Policies, Payment Reminders for Tax, Electricity, Water, Telephone Bills, Public Awareness Messages, etc.

Benefits of using Bulk SMS for Government and Public Utilities:

  • Payment Reminders – Send Payment reminders for Tax, Electricity, Water, Telephone Bills, along with a direct link for the payment so that customers can quickly make payments without any delay.
  • Emergency Alerts – Weather Warning or an emergency situation, reach out to millions of citizens within a short of span of time with our Bulk SMS Services.
  • Feedback & Opinion Polls – For introducing new schemes or new welfare programmes opinions can be asked easily among the people by conducting spot opinion polls enabling them to send their view and suggestion through sms which can be viewed in real-time.
  • Quick Interaction – Automated SMS system can be used to inform the customers about the information they seek without the need of Call centres within seconds.
  • Public Awareness – SMS Messages are sweet and short and have a high read rate of 98%, SMS are the most effective marketing tool for citizen outreach during public awareness campaigns.

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Bulk SMS Advantages for Government and Public Utilities

Direct Connectivity
24x7 Support
No Setup Cost
Ease to Use
Advance Features
Highly Secure
Restful API
Unlimited Validity
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