Press 1 campaign - Live Lead Capture & Connect with an agent

Get instant response for your press 1 voice call campaigns
User Experience

User friendly interface for easy execution of the successful lead generation press 1 campaigns

Live Call Transfers

Bypass busy signals and dropped calls and only connect with live users

NDNC Filter

Facilitating the users to scrub and filter the leads with National DNC registry list

Tell people your message and let them press 1 or any number between 0 & 9, to transfer calls to an agent or ask the caller to leave a message. Review the audio recordings and transcripts of the transfer call instantly. Analyze the daily conversion rate for your press-1 campaign, with the daily reports.

Speed Up a Press-1 Campaign, you do not want your leads waiting in the queue and you do not want your agents waiting for calls. By controlling the number of simultaneous calls for each of your press-1 campaign, you can see what works and what does not. Change it even when the campaign is in-progress

Quality lead generation is considered as a most challenging thing, especially if you are not following a successful marketing strategy. Therefore, voice broadcasting service looks like one of the most amazing ways for generating quick leads that also improve the customer relationships and user experiences.

Voice broadcasting service is basically an effective method of delivering your pre-recorded messages to the massive audience automatically. Policy changes, important notifications about services, delivery delay notices and appointment reminders are some of the very important information types that every customer love to receive through message broadcasting.

Key points to run a successful Press 1 campaign:

  • Decide the goals
  • Define the target audience
  • Create a personalized voice message
  • Create an actionable message
  • Focus on quality voice

Key Features & Benefits of Voice Broadcasting Services

No setup costs

Get started with your voice sms service within a minutes. No setup and cost or license not required

Unlimited channels

Have multiple parallel calls using the same the number. All the calls will be there on your dashboard irrespective of whether you answered them or not

Realtime Call Analytics

Get detailed real-time analytics of all the calls monitor your running campaign status on comprehensive dashboard

Pay Only for Answered Calls

Pay only for the calls answered by your supporters and remain within budget and cut down your campaign cost

Voice Call Rates

Pay for what you use with flexible pulse slab starting from 15 second to 60 second, choose what suits your party budget

Zero Infra Required

No spending on infrastructure, set up or maintenance. Everything is deployed and managed by us

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Why Choose SMS Connect for bulk voice call press 1 campaign?

  • Bulk Upload
  • Automated retry options
  • Capability to broadcast voice and IVR both
  • Call scheduling your voice campaigns
  • Unlimited channels - No Cap
  • DTMF - Press 1 Options
  • Best-in-class Pricing
  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • End-to-End Customer Service
  • 24x7 Customer Support
  • Powerful Custom API
  • Ease Of Use
  • Superior voice quality
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Web Based voice Platform – No download required
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